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I’m thankful that I grew up with support to overcome dyslexia at school. Now, as   @UNICEF   marks 30 years of children's rights, I’m proud to speak up for every child who needs our help to learn. On   #WorldChildrensDay  , children are demanding their rights. What will you do?


Orlando Bloom

  #bts   my best Marlon Brando impression day two   @carnivalrow   🤣



Orlando Bloom

So grateful to be on the planet at the same time as this   #genius     @herbiehancock   he and his remarkable band blew us all away NMRK 🙏

O2 arena


Orlando Bloom

Season 2 shenanigans 😂   #CarnivalRow  


Orlando Bloom

It’s like looking out over the entire cosmos - Egyptian magic got my heart open to a download of love for my Scorpio’s ♏️ wonder women both celebrating their   #birthday   💕


Orlando Bloom

A couple of firsts this weekend... Joshua Tree - I’m embarrassed I’ve lived in LA this long and never driven out & camping/glamping which is more fun thank you can shake a stick at and we shook a lot of sticks this weekend lol   #live     #love     #thegreatoutdoors  


Orlando Bloom

This year, I joined   @UNICEF   in Mozambique after two cyclones hit the country hard. I saw first-hand the life-saving power of good nutrition for children in crisis. Check out   @UNICEF  ’s State of the World’s Children 2019 to learn more. https://uni.cf/sowc-nutrition   #ForEveryChild  , nutritious food.


Orlando Bloom

Repost   @effingart   peaceful joyful   @extinctionrebellion   🙏


Orlando Bloom

I just love the way Jim Carrey’s mind works   #legend   we are not our thoughts


Orlando Bloom

  @misslivalittle   just texted me this photo from our   #lotr   days I was turning 21!!! ‘My little baby logolas in the c*ntybago!!!!’ Made me laugh 😂 our fondly named makeup bus, christened by Noreen my makeup artist and Viggo Mortensen, was, and remains in my heart and memory the most female and male empowered, joyful, disreputable and yet totally respectful place of work and creativity ever. Hours spent in the the makeup chair to apply ear’s and wigs and contacts   #lovemyjob     #fbf   🧝🏼‍♂️🦄❤️


Orlando Bloom

My mighty man got a   @carnivalrow   season two upgrade too😁from an apple box to a heated   @sleepypod   🙏  #puppy   love   #mansbestfriend  


Orlando Bloom

I don’t ride to add days to my life I ride to add life to my days...back on my   @festka   😁


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